Elementary Literacy Inc. actively collaborates with school-, district- and department-level educators for providing ELF and CLEF programs that are effective, responsive and up-to-date on current teaching and learning practices. Classroom teachers refer students to our programs and provide data about student progress throughout the mentoring session to further ensure that our processes and programs, including our training session, is effective.

How do I get ELF Programming in my school?

Please contact us to discuss the possibility of offering ELF programming at your school; we are currently expanding and would love to have your school join us! Many factors contribute to a successful ELF program at a school, however, including strong commitment from the principal and grade two teachers, as well as the identification of a staff member, typically a literacy specialist or a second grade teacher, who is responsible for coordinating ELF mentors when they are in the schools and liaising with Elementary Literacy Inc. staff.

Please contact us to request more information on offering ELF at your school.

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