• Position Description: Click here for the details on the position.
  • Protection of Pupils Policy: Department of Education's "Policy 701 for the Protection of Pupils" can be found on-line at http://701.nbed.nb.ca. This must be reviewed online. Please complete AND print the online questionnaire to bring to the Elf training session. The printed version must state your score and you must achieve 100% to begin volunteering. All schools require that the policy be reviewed and the completed questionnaire be completed and submitted to the school before volunteering can begin. Any questions about the information or questionnaire can be addressed at the Elf training session.

  • Criminal Background Check: You need to get a criminal background check from your local police department. You will need to take a letter with you. A copy of the letter will be sent to you after the registration process is complete.

  • Selecting a School: You can choose the school where you would like to volunteer. ELF is not yet offered in all schools but we are expanding. If the program is not currently available in your area, please register and we will be in touch as opportunities become available. As we identify generous volunteers, we can add more schools.
If you do not have a school preference, please select “no preference” from the drop-down list.